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How the made a hydraulic ram?

Holmatro is the best worldwide manufacturer to have developed a 3-stage rescue ram, making rescues even quicker. With this hydraulic ram, during rescue work in road, rail and air traffic, you can move an enormous
distance in a single working action, saving you valuable time.

The range of single-stage hydraulic rams is carefully matched in size and extended length so that there are no gaps. Each ram creates an opening into which the next largest ram can be inserted

What are the advantages of a hydraulic ram

  • Rescues quicker and more safely as only one¬†working process is required with a hydraulic ram
  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Minimum size and maximum lift

Hydraulic ram manufacturer Holmatro

Holmatro manufactures and sells a range of hydraulic rams that can be ordered from our online shop with guaranteed next day delivery. You can order a single ram or multiple rams from our website and all standard hydraulic rams are in stock and are ready for immediate dispatch.

Our hydraulic cylinders range in size from 50mm bores up to 100mm bores, with push power ranging from 3.8 tonnes up to 16.5 tonnes. We stock both single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders and rams. Holmatro also design and manufactures bespoke hydraulic cylinders and professional sub-contract CNC machining, plus tipping rams, trailer brake rams, cylinder supplies, accessories, hoses, kits, quick release couplings and valves.

Holmatro also offers a range of hydraulic log splitter cylinders and kits to build your own hydraulic log splititter cylinders and kits to build your own hydraulic log splitter. The push power available on log splitter cylinders include 13.4 tonne, 25 tonne and a heavy duty 30 tonne hydraulic log splitter cylinder.

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